QuickBooks is an advanced and end to end accounting software with so many premium features that help users to organize a business and their financial records with so much of ease. In this league, the QuickBooks also reduces the paperwork and streamlines functions of a company and allows users to access their data and company file using a computer, smartphone or even a tablet from anywhere around the world.

For smooth functioning of business management or accounting needs, we provide services related to tracking expenses, payroll management, inventory management and much more at the Lojiqbooks accounting platform.

Why are QuickBooks services required?

If you owned a small business then you must be aware of difficulties that a business owner may face. To help users in such a case, QuickBooks is a reliable name that lets you directly connect your bank account to QuickBooks to import and categorize transactions automatically. More than this, the QuickBooks accounting software also enables its users to perform such activities like create invoices, track expenses, and manage inventory, which will help you save time and manage finances efficiently.

Some of the important task that QuickBooks makes easier for you:

  • Import and enter all bank transactions with track payments facility
  • Creating and sending invoices with sales management skills
  • Store your details and inventory prepare payrolls
  • Expand your business online and manages cash flow

  • Who needs QuickBooks services?

    It’s an immortal business accounting software that offers complete business solutions by managing the accounting, financial, and payroll section of every small and medium-sized business. In terms of managing financial needs such as inventory management, account management, payroll, and much more, QuickBooks holds a number place and considered as a market leader in the business accounting software.

    What do we do?

    Lojiqbooks is a leading accounting firm in the USA market that will help you to facilitate the most optimistic remedy of all your accounting and financial needs. Our unparalleled professional team works constantly to render your account-related problem by using highly advanced QuickBooks Customer Services.

    Services that we offer:

  • Finance and payroll management
  • Inventory and invoice creation
  • Perform money management by examining all income and expenditure of a business
  • Generate accurate results by using easy to navigate QuickBooks services

  • QuickBooks Features and Benefits

    QuickBooks is online accounting software that makes everything sorted for you. Whether you want to manage multiple clients or looking for the best payroll and accounting services, QuickBooks has everything stacked up for your needs. Herein, this blog we have compiled comprehensive details on QuickBooks including its features, benefits, common issues, and errors. Read on to find more.

    QuickBooks Features Available For You

    Intuit QuickBooks is a basic and most used accounting software name in the marketplace. Due to its user-friendly interface, the software offers an enormous number of features to its clients.

  • Complete your Payroll task by using QuickBooks Payroll services.
  • Generate accurate invoices with the proper monitoring system.
  • Best source for tax preparation files in real-time.
  • Develop management reports with personalized and professionally-branded report packs in QuickBooks.
  • Great source to manage sales and income of the company.

  • What are the Benefits Offering by the QuickBooks?

    QuickBooks is designed for small-business owners and enables them to complete their accounting tasks effortlessly. Some of the benefits of using QuickBooks are as given follows:

  • As compared to other accounting software in the market, Intuit QuickBooks is too easy to use.
  • You can integrate your QuickBooks account with multiple other programs.
  • It gives you real-time working experience with your clients.
  • You can export/import data so effortlessly to your tax preparation program
  • QuickBooks makes an income tax filing process so easy and convenient.
  • Sends you automatic notifications to understand your client’s requirements

  • QuickBooks Common Issues And Errors

    Users of QuickBooks facing several errors while using the software. Some QuickBooks Errors are functional, some server related, some configuration, and many are the data related issues. Below we listed the most common issues and errors of the Intuit QB account.

    A list of most common issues and errors are as under:

  • QuickBooks Not Responding Error – This type of error harms the overall performance of the QuickBooks, as the software is not responding properly due to various reasons such as corrupted QWBUSER.ini file, damaged Windows Desktop application, QB Company file name is too long, and so on.

  • QuickBooks Error 1328 – The error occurs when the user tries to update or install QuickBooks in their supporting device (computer/ laptop). The most common reason to have this error 1328 is a network issue.

  • QuickBooks has suddenly stopped working – Sometimes QuickBooks also raises blunders when you see “QuickBooks has stopped working” issue on your computer screen. This is due to the usage of a damaged hard drive or corrupted program file.

  • QuickBooks Error 1712 – When you get “QuickBooks Error 1712” notifications on your computer device, it creates lots of troubles in the operations of the accounting software. Well to solve this issue, use the QBInstall tool.

  • QuickBooks Error 6000 – Error 6000 generally happens, when you trying to open a company file, which multiple users open at the same time. Well to troubleshoot this issue, rename your company with .ND and .TLG.